Film Photo Diaries

Two film shoots in Spain


I started living in Spain in 1984 & worked there from 1986. These pages refer to my period as as a dialogue coach & script editor on two films, both shot in Spain, in English, by Spanish companies.
The first was Sabotage! (1999), a largely Basque production with an original script, written & directed by Bilbao brothers Esteban & Jose Miguel Ibarretxe, shot entirely in the Spanish Basque Country. The second was Casa de las Bellas Durmientes (House of the Sleeping Beauties, 2000), written & directed by the Galician Eloy Lozano, based on a short novel by the Japanese Nobel prize winner, Yasunary Kawabata, and shot entirely in Galicia.
Sabotage! met with a lukewarm reception in Spain, and never received a UK release. Casa de las Bellas Durmientes never had a theatrical release, even in Spain
So I didn't bring much luck either to the Ibarretxes or to Eloy Lozano. But the shoots were great experiences for me, if not for them.
I took a lot of photos during the shoots. Quite an achievement, considering I had never owned or really used a camera in my life. All the Sabotage photos were taken with every kind of disposable camera I could lay my hands on -35mm, flash, flashless, APS, panoramic. Half-way through Casa de las Bellas Durmientes, I splashed out on an APS zoom camera. Here they are, slices of life on a film shoot