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I like my contrasts. On the one hand I belong to the drawists' guild (not artist's), working with scratchy pen nibs & old-fashioned ink, with an interest in calligraphy and hand-written sign-writing. On the other hand I'm a digital disciple. I have embraced the control which digital photos & scanning can give me. I've had a lot of fun zooming into scans of my drawings far closer than I ever get with just my eyes. I zoom in and view the surface of the paper. What I remember drawing as a straight-ish line becomes a firework display  of minute ink blotches and explosions almost invisible to the naked eye. My familiar drawing becomes an alien moonscape of craters, hills, potholes. What I remember as smooth white paper becomes a heaving mass of different coloured spaghetti fibres. The drawing I did was a party that I threw, but the ink & paper guests then went off on a party of their own without inviting me. It has given me a new respect for my drawings, seeing them with new eyes. Complementary contrasts, not contradictions.

 The photos here are my notes for possible drawings, welcome to my sketchbook. Oils, acrylics, watercolours & canvas? Not today, thank you.

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