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Digital photography and editing and website building are now tools in my drawing toolkit. Photography is an extension of my drawing, equivalent to me taking notes when I get an idea for a drawing. My camera is a notepad. A new set of scratchy pen nibs and a whole new set of inks which I never expected to acquire. It lets me play around with the image in Photoshop. In fact, you can see some early examples of my first wholly digital drawings in my Constellation Galleries.

Apart from the Film Shoot gallery,  the rest of the photos in the other galleries are all digital. I make no claims for their photographic qualities. I am not a photographer and I doubt I look for whatever a photographer would look for. I am a drawist with a cartoon background, with an ear for images and what people do visually & an eye for sound and what people say. We cartoonists must have a few magpie chromosomes. We watch and listen and pounce on any shiny nuggets of human unusualness, and hoard them for no clear reason. Because there is no telling when something could prove useful for a drawing.

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