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In the meantime I had talked myself into a couple of drawing commissions. An advertising banner for a market, and a slice of Liverpooliana to hang in a bar in Malaysia. I also started a third new drawing. I took quite a few photos while drawing each of them, which is how I have included work-in-progress photos. Infuriatingly, though, I used my APS camera and the quality was iffy.

During this same meantime, I came to realise the importance to any artist of having work documented and backed up in some way: scanned drawings, work in progress. And there are knock-on effects. Marketing opportunities opened up when you have total control over you work. Even if you sell the original, as long as you have the image you can do what you want with it. Sell prints, for example. The solution? Go digital.

I got my first digital camera in time for the exhibition mentioned above. The freedom of digital is glorious. No developing, no limit to the amount of photos you can take, no middle-men. Just upload them and work on them. With a computer, printer, scanner, digital camera, and internet connection you are a potential one-person, freelance production company. That's how I see myself. You have control over the whole creation process from idea to advertisement for sale. If you want to. I am no longer amazed at the speed with which I can photograph or scan a drawing, upload it and have it on my website. Sure, I've had to get to grips with new applications. Less time spent drawing, more time spent on the computer. But that's life as an apprentice. I know I need to put those hours in now, because I will benefit in the long run.

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