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Have you had a look around the Drawings Galleries? You might have noticed that everything is done using pens, pencils, crayons & inks. No paint. No oils. No acrylics. No watercolours. No other media. Except for bending wire, of course. In all of the time I have been drawing I have never been interested in using paints. I'm not canvas-curious. I've never even considered myself to belong with people who use paints. We belong to different guilds. However, I have become intrigued by photography in the last few years. Photography as a medium. Incidentally, this idea of different guilds crops up a lot in my descriptions of the Morgens drawings.

Fast-forward a few years. 2005. I'm back living in Liverpool, wanting to sort out possible exhibitions, thinking it would be good to have a website with an online gallery. I had a few photos & slides that friends had taken of my drawings, but none were very good quality. Good enough as mementos for me, but for a website ideally I needed to have my drawings scanned.

I had soon built my website & had my scans, and was planning an exhibition, which eventually went ahead in June 2006. While scanning the APS negatives for the photos in the film shoots, I had noticed they give much poorer quality photos even than 35mm disposables.


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